4 Simple Holiday Landscaping Tips

One of the grand traditions of the holiday season is festive decorating.  This is the time of year that people put in extra effort into creating an environment that speaks to the holidays and creates a cheerful atmosphere.  And although you can limit your decorating to the inside of your house, putting in some work to do some holiday landscaping can spread the cheer to the surrounding neighbourhood.  But it doesn’t have to hard work either. Adding a few touches to your house and yard can have a great effect. This article will go over four simple holiday landscaping tips.

Hang Some Wreaths

Wreaths are typically circles made of evergreen boughs.  They are traditionally used to signify growth, eternity and the continuity of everlasting life.  You can make your own wreaths or purchase them, but the fact is that they’re really easy to display.  Simply hang them on your door, mailbox, or in your windows. They’ll instantly add to the holiday spirit of your property.

Put Up Some Garland

Garland is similar to wreaths, but it can also come in a cord shape rather than the circles that wreaths are known for.  Garland was traditionally made of flowers or leaves, but there are a lot of artificial materials used to make them these days.  The fact is that garland is very versatile and easily hung. Consider wrapping it around your stair rails, lining your windows with it or festooning your front door with it.  

Utilize Plant Pots

Use plant pots as stands for small evergreens, tree boughs or willow branches.  You can line them up the sides of your stairs and sidewalk or place them around your yard to create a bit more holiday ambience.  You can benefit from the fact that they’re not permanent which means you won’t have seasonal trees and ornaments surrounding your house throughout the year.

Decorate Your Window Boxes

If you already have window boxes, consider adding some evergreen boughs, holly plants or other holiday related plant materials to add to the flavour of all your other decorating.  Window boxes are also a good place to add strings of lights without having to pull out a ladder.