Five Advantages of Sod Replacement

sodMany North Americans take great pride in their expanses of green lawn.  However, what happens when you’re starting anew and have no lawn to begin with?  You can either grow a lawn from scratch using seed or you can install sod – which are precut sections of dirt that already have grass growing on them.  This article will go over five advantages of using sod when starting a new lawn.

Instant Results

Because the grass is already healthily growing on strips of sod, once they’re installed you’ll have what appears to be a fully functioning lawn.  You’ll need to be careful about walking on the lawn until the sod digs its roots into the soil, but as opposed to growing from seed, you won’t be staring at a bald patch of dirt for months before a lawn finally begins to appear.


The fact is that installing a sod lawn costs less than trying to grow from seed.  The initial costs may seem like sod costs more, but the nurturing needed to grow a lawn from seed will ultimately increase its prices.  The time and money spent weeding, watering, fertilizing and reseeding a lawn grown from seed will be much greater than the installation costs of sod.

Grass Health

When installing a sod lawn, you’ll know that the grass has been grown professional and under optimal conditions.  Sod will be grown in top quality soil while being carefully watered and fertilized to create a healthy foundation for your lawn.  Compared to the variable conditions of the dirt patch surrounding your house, the controlled conditions of a sod farm will produce higher quality grass almost every time.

No Need To Reseed

Sod will have already been grown to an optimal density before it gets laid out around your yard.  As opposed to growing from seed, this means you won’t need to reseed the bald patches every year until you finally get a decent looking lawn.  Not only that, but a sod lawn will start off weed free. In the case of a lawn grown from seed you’ll need to spend significant time and energy making sure the weeds don’t outcompete your grass.

Erosion Prevention

While waiting for your lawn to grow from seed, there’s always the possibility that a rainstorm could strip your yard of its valuable topsoil.  This could be devastating to your lawn growing hopes. Installing a sod lawn immediately protects the topsoil and ensures it doesn’t get washed away in the rain.