Five Ideas for Landscaping Your Driveway

landscaping driveway A driveway can be much more than simply a place to park your car.  With a little bit of creativity and some landscaping skills you can make your driveway the attractive entrance to your property that it deserves to be.  The fact is that it’s one of the largest features at the front of your house. To that end we’ve come up with an article that provides five ideas for landscaping your driveway.

Curbed Borders

Placing a rounded curb on the edge of your driveway keeps it separate from your lawn and flower beds.  This simple border makes things look smart while giving drivers a warning if they start to get too close to the greenery when parking.  It’ll also help prevent your plants from taking over the driveway.

Large Planters

Another way to create a border around your driveway is to place some large planters in strategic locations.  As long as they’re big enough they’ll be easily spotted by drivers they’ll function properly. Too small and they may simply get run over.  Fill your planters with perennial shrubs or small trees and your driveway will look fresh all year round.

Asymmetrical Landscaping

By keeping your landscaping efforts to the side of the driveway closest to your lawn, you leave the other side open to be used as an overflow for parking.  Bordering both sides of your driveway with plants or delicate ornamentation limits the full parking potential of the space. By leaving one side open your parking situation will be much more flexible.

Annual Bordering

An interesting and ever changing way to border your driveway is with annuals.  This means you’ll be able to change out the flowers or plants on a regular basis.  The front of your property will never feel boring or stale.

Room For Runoff

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow you should landscape your driveway accordingly.  When you shovel or blow the snow off your driveway it has to go somewhere. Keep this in mind when choosing the layout of landscaping.  You don’t want to be dumping snow on top of delicate or valuable plants. You should also consider any drainage issues that could affect your yard.