Five Paver Landscaping Ideas

Unique Paver Use Ideas

Paving stones can be used in a wide variety of settings depending on their arrangements, colours and styles. They can be used to create different surfaces for different activities and functions.  Pavers are truly multifunctional.  To give you an idea of how these building blocks can be used in different ways, we present five paver landscaping ideas.


Pavers can be used to create durable, long lasting driveways.  Because they’re made of hundreds of small pieces, weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire surface and becomes resistant to cracking and buckling.  Excessive precipitation is able to runoff through the cracks which prevents pooling.  And if any of the pavers become damaged  you can replace the damaged pieces and not have to worry about replacing the entire driveway.

Wheelchair Access

You might think of pavers as incompatible with wheelchair use, but it’s possible to install pavers that provide a smooth, even surface.  When tightly set, pavers can compete with most other materials for being level and even.  If you need to think about wheelchair access, don’t dismiss pavers until you’ve seen what they can do.

Decorative Surfaces

One of the great advantages of pavers over other types of surfaces is the decorative aspect.  Pavers come in all types of sizes and colours which can allow the artistic imagination to flourish.  Pavers can be used to great effect with different combinations creating shapes, designs and even pictures.  Why have a simple concrete sidewalk or driveway when you can have a work of art?


If the land you’re working has problems with drainage, laying down concrete or other solid surfaces may only exacerbate the problem.  Pavers can help with drainage because of the spaces between the blocks. And while those spaces may only be millimeters in width, you can also alternate wide pavers with chunks of lawn or soil.  It helps with drainage while also providing stable ground.


Pavers don’t necessarily have to be used on flat surfaces.  They can also be used to create a stairway.  The pavers provide a strong, stable surface on which to walk while easily being laid into the ground.  You can make each step out of a single block or by using several pieces.