Four Care Tips for Artificial Grass

artificial grass Those who have decided to install artificial grass will have freed themselves from the constant mowing, weeding and fertilizing that real grass demands.  But just because you have artificial grass doesn’t mean it’s completely maintenance free. Sure, you won’t have to deal with grass stains on your clothes, allergies and grass die-offs anymore, but artificial grass requires a different set of maintenance techniques.  To give you an idea of what you might be in for if you install it, we’ve come up with four care tips for artificial grass.

Keep It Free Of Debris

Although you won’t have to water your new turf to keep it growing, you’ll want to spray it down on a regular basis to keep it clean.  You might be spared this chore if you receive a lot of rain, but you’ll want to keep debris from settling on your artificial lawn for extended periods of time.  This can lead to staining and soiling of the turf. In the fall you’ll still want to rake up or blow off any leaves that fall to prevent them from becoming ground into the turf.  

Pick Up After Your Pets

It’s not recommended to let pet droppings accumulate on fresh grass and the same goes for artificial turf.  Allowing droppings to sit for too long will result in unsightly staining. Try and clean up after your pets as soon as possible.  If staining does occur, rinse with a garden hose and then apply a solution of water and dishwashing liquid. If the stains don’t rinse away you might want to try a weak ammonia solution.

Remove Sticky Substances

If sticky substances such as chewing gum or pine tar end up on your turf, you can get these out by freezing the offending particles and scraping them away.  Use ice, dry ice or an aerosol freezing spray.

Cross Brushing For Longevity

Artificial turf can become compacted in areas of heavy use, so giving these spots a good brushing can lengthen their lifespan.  Use a plastic rake (metal can cause damage) to brush the artificial turf bristles against the grain. This will prevent matting and compression.  Well tended artificial turf can last 20 to 25 years.