Four Shrubs That Thrive in Fall Sun

fall shrubs When most people attribute a season to plants and shrubs, they normally think of spring or summer.  But autumn is also a very important season in the life cycle of plants. This is the season when rich, deep colours come to the forefront with the final blast of growing energy.  Planning your garden and backyard to make the most of this third season can lead to remarkable results. To help your backyard fill you with pleasure right up until winter arrives, we’ve come up with a list of four shrubs that thrive in fall sun.


Sumac is known for being one of the first plants with leaves that change colours upon arrival of the fall.  As a matter of fact, the leaves will start to turn a bright red when it’s still considered summer. There are wild and poisonous varieties of sumac, but the Tiger Eyes varietal is easily grown in your backyard and also produces ornamental tufts of seed along with the bright red leaves.

Purple Beautyberry

Beautyberry is an aptly named and quite striking shrub mainly because of its brightly coloured purple berries.  The rest of the plant may not look all that exciting, but there’s no doubt that its berries more than make up for it.  These berries make their appearance once the weather starts changing and endure well into the winter. Their natural resistance to disease and pests also make them easy to grow.

Tatarian Dogwood

Tatarian dogwood is most well known for the deep red twigs and stems that are produced once the temperatures start dropping.  The brightly coloured bark lasts well into the winter and provides a great shot of contrasting colour once the snow falls. This shrub’s beauty isn’t confined to the colder months either.  It produces multitudes of small white flowers in spring, attractive white and green leaves throughout the summer and white with blue tinged berry clusters during the hottest part of the year.

Diablo Ninebark

Diablo ninebark loves the sun and will produce interesting foliage from spring all the way through autumn.  Spring and summer allows the leaves to produce a deep green that works well as a contrast to brightly coloured plants and flowers.  As fall approaches, the leaves become bright red to help usher in the changing of the seasons.