Four Ways to Incorporate Rocks into Your Landscaping

rock gardenThere are many different elements you can add to your yard for both function and form.  Often, when people think of landscaping, they think of plants, garden beds and lawns.. But another affordable, durable and easily adaptable feature you can add to your yard with great effect are stones and rocks.  In this article we’ve listed four ways to incorporate rocks into your landscaping.


Rocks and stones make excellent borders around your flower beds, pathways and garden.  The use of stones allows you to outline irregular shapes much easier than fencing or other border materials.  It’s also easy to add or remove stones if the vision for your yard changes. Use rocks and stones to physically separate sections of your yard where you’d rather people and animals not tread.


Although absolutely necessary, drainage systems aren’t normally the most attractive part of your landscaping scheme.  By using stones to guide water runoff, or even hide the existing drainage components, you can end up with an attractive and durable solution to your excess water problems.  Their natural good looks and ability to resist the adverse effects of running water make them an ideal material for channeling runoff.

Ground Cover

As more people are affected by drought and become more aware of the amount of water that’s wasted on landscaping, alternatives to grass lawns have become very popular.  Some people simply pave over their lawns or cover them with concrete slabs. Although this might be an effective way to do away with water thirsty grasses, it doesn’t look very nice and causes water to runoff into the sewer system rather than soak into the ground.  Stones can make an excellent ground cover that’s both attractive and still allows water to be absorbed naturally by the soil.

Plant Aid

Rocks can actually help many of your plants grow better.  Placing rocks in your plants beds can help the soil retain moisture and aid in the distribution of rainwater.  As an added bonus, the addition of rocks to your plant beds can make the plants stand out even more.