Grass Seed vs Sod : What You Should Know

sod seedWhether you already have an existing lawn or you’re starting from scratch, there might be a need for you to reseed or lay some sod.  Maybe your lawn is full of weeds that are starting to outcompete the grass.  Or it’s possible that you have dead patches that have been worn down to bare dirt.  Or maybe you don’t have a lawn at all, but you envision a great swath of green grass where there currently sits a chunk of black soil.  When you’re ready to tackle whatever lawn situation you’re in, this article will compare grass seed vs sod:  what you should know.


Using grass seed is definitely a cheaper way to get some grass growing.  It’s going to take more continuous effort and a longer stretch of time to take root than simply laying down some sod, but it will be cheaper on the pocketbook.


Laying down sod takes quite a bit of physical labour.  A slab of sod can weigh up to 30 pounds if the moisture content is high.  Sodding an entire lawn will definitely require some muscle work.  On the other hand, planting grass seed takes a lot less physical work.  Depending on the type of seed you’re using, a single pound might be all you need for growing a 1000 square foot patch of lawn.


You’ll likely have less choice of grass varieties when using sod.  Most sod farmers specialize in one or a few types of grasses and you’ll be limited to those.  If you’re using seed you’ll probably have access to many more varieties of grasses.  As such, you’ll be able to choose a variety that works best for the conditions you’re working with.


When you lay down sod, you’ll end up with an instant lawn.  You might not be able to tread upon it until it takes root, but it will definitely look like a lawn immediately after installation.  With grass seed you’ll be waiting some time before your patch of dirt looks anything remotely like a lawn.  If you’re hoping for instant results, sod will be your best choice.