How to match your landscaping project to your home

In the years following World War II, when the global economy started its long recovery, thousands of subdivisions across North America popped up featuring a wide variety of ranches, colonials, and tri-levels, among others. All shared the same thing: A clean, efficient modern design that emphasized function over form and lent itself to building and maintaining relatively inexpensive homes. Landscape design of the era followed the same pattern: Perfectly straight drives and walkways, backyard flower beds that stretched the width of the house; and concrete slab patios.

Times have changed, however. During the last 50 years, homeowners, architects, and builders have all embraced the “present,” emphasizing a contemporary design influenced by trends and styles that could change from year to year. In some cases, form and functionality have been treated with equal importance because of socio-economic and other factors – as evidenced by some homes now being constructed of re-purposed railway cars or large storage containers shipped via water.

Landscape design has evolved, too, and Pyramid Contracting has been part of that revolution for the last decade, implementing creative and affordable outdoor solutions to fit any home architecture, from modern to contemporary to anything in between.

With the right planning and materials, a clever landscape design can further enhance even the most unique contemporary architecture imaginable.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pay careful attention to materials. When it comes to landscape design, “contemporary” is often synonymous with “modern.” This means that contemporary landscaping takes its cues from modern architecture, focusing on building materials and other features used in modern or “trendy” homes: sleek, brushed metal; glass; wooden beams; Flagstone and other high-end surfacing materials like black slate or stamped concrete. Simple additions such as these can go a long way toward adding contemporary style to your landscaping.
  • Contemporary landscape design often takes a compact, muted approach to outdoor projects. Some good examples would be a small, back-lit waterfall and pond facing a River Rock pathway leading to an exquisitely manicured lawn.
  • Colours are important, too. In many cases, contemporary landscape design doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on colour and is, in fact, partly dependent on the colour of the home itself. In our experience, natural tones are very popular, such as espresso and grey which can be offset by a dash of colour from flowers or other shrubbery – each adding a great deal of panache to your outdoor area. We also recommend avoiding colours that clash because they’ll distract from the beauty and quality of your overall landscape design.

Here are some other tips to consider with contemporary landscape design:

  1. Grass should be mowed regularly to a height of no more than two inches tall
  2. shrubs and small flowering trees can be planted in a straight line along a fence, usually three to five feet apart
  3. plant flowers that are in season and grow well in your climate area.

For ideas on landscape design and ways to add style to your outdoor area in a creative, affordable manner, contact the landscaping professionals at Pyramid Contracting today.