How to Prepare Your Landscaping for Spring

4 eco-friendly landscaping trendsWhether you’re an experienced gardener or simply a backyard enthusiast, spring is a season known for both anticipation and action.  As the cold ground begins to thaw, thoughts can turn to planting, pruning and an eventual harvest.  To help outdoor enthusiasts of all experience levels we’ve created a list of how to prepare your landscaping for spring.

General Clean Up

The best way to kick off the new season is with a round of spring cleaning.  Go around your property and clean up any debris such as dead and fallen branches, leaves or garbage that has drifted into your yard.  Now is also a good time to inspect your gardening tools to make sure they’re in good repair and ready to be put to work.  A general clean up will allow you to properly tackle the coming year.


The spring is the best time to prune trees, hedges and shrubs as they’re still dormant.  It’ll also be easier to attack rogue tree branches as they won’t yet be covered in leaves.  Start by getting rid of any diseased limbs followed by unnatural looking branches.  Using the plant’s natural lines as a guide, get it into a pleasant looking shape.  As the weather warms, things will eventually grow back and fill out.


Mulching serves several different purposes.  First of all it makes the bases of trees look much neater.  Mulch also helps the ground retain moisture while reducing runoff.  It stunts the growth of weeds while slowly releasing a consistent supply of organic matter into the soil.  If there’s still mulch from the previous year it’s a good idea to replace it completely.


Spring is also the ideal time to fertilize your lawn and garden beds.  If possible, do it just before or after a light rain.  If your lawn is prone to weeds, this is also a good time to apply any herbicide that you typically use.  Just be careful about its application around flower or vegetable beds.  If you’re seeding your lawn you should hold off on any herbicide use until well after the seed has properly taken.