Interlock Erin

Interlock ErinInterlocking pavers are one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make because, unlike a new roof or a wooden deck, interlock is capable of lasting longer than your house, even if your house is brand new. They’ll also endow your property with a sense of timelessness few other home improvements can. And just to add icing on the cake they’re practically maintenance free. At Pyramid Contracting we install beautiful, durable interlock for Erin homes as well as businesses great and small.

Pyramid Contracting for Interlock Erin

When it comes to design possibilities few building materials can match the beauty and versatility of interlocking pavers. With a dazzling array of shapes, textures, sizes and colours at your disposal the number of different looks that can be achieved is practically limitless. But that’s not the only reason to choose interlock for your home or business. Others include:

  • Unparalleled durability – Pavers installed throughout Europe by the Romans are still in use today. In Toronto and other cities throughout North America interlocking pavers installed during the colonial period are a common sight.
  • Stronger than concrete slabs – Whereas concrete slabs will crack over time, either due to traffic or the freeze/thaw cycle, or some combination of both, interlock will remain undaunted and undamaged by weather and wear.
  • The finishing touch on your landscape – An interlocking pathway can provide a visual and thematic anchor to a heavily planted landscape that leans on colouristic and textural counterpoints. The interlock adds just the right amount of definition to tie everything together.
  • Stains are no big deal – Oil and gas stains in the driveway can create a long-lasting eyesore when they fall on concrete slabs. If you spill motor oil on pavers however all you need is to have Pyramid come and replace the stained pavers. Your driveway will be back in business without missing a beat.
  • Long term savings – You’ll never need to repave the driveway or resurface your walkways once you install interlocking pavers. Even if you want to relocate the walkway the pavers can be pulled up and moved wherever you like.
  • Enhanced home value – Few things ramp up the curb appeal of a home like pavers. And the same can be said for home values as well. You’ll experience a sudden and significant bump in the value of your home if you swap out concrete or asphalt for interlocking pavers.
  • Better drainage – Pavers are permeable, meaning they absorb water. Water is also able to drain away through the spaces between the blocks. No water means no icy walkways or driveway. Which in turn means a safer home for everyone.

At Pyramid Contracting interlock for Erin homes and businesses is one of our specialties. We’ll design and install an interlocking driveway or walkway for you that will enhance the look and value of your entire property and do so for less than you imagine. Give us a call today to find out from one of our landscaping experts if interlock is right for your home or business.