Irrigation Systems: Why You Should Have One Installed

irrigation systems mississaugaThere’s very little point in hiring a landscaping company to enhance your property and boost its curb appeal if you don’t intend on looking after it afterwards. Besides the sun’s UV rays, your lawn, shrubs and trees all need water if they are to remain healthy and attractive. When it rains these plants are all watered naturally, but what about the periods when it doesn’t rain? It then becomes your responsibility to provide them with water, and as many of our clients in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville have found out, pulling out your garden hose and navigating your way round your yard soon becomes a nuisance. “Surely there’s a better way” they asked us. Well, luckily for them, and for you, there is; irrigation systems.

The Benefits that Irrigation Systems Offer

While you might think irrigation systems, or sprinkler systems as they are more commonly known to the average homeowner, are simply a luxury and a convenience, they are often the difference between a beautiful landscape and one that is deprived of water. Here’s why:

Irrigation Systems Save You Both Time and Water

If you’ve ever watered your entire yard with a garden hose you’ll know that it always seems to take longer than you expect; in fact it seems to take forever. You have to unwind your hose, turn it on and quickly jog over to the first part of your yard that needs watering otherwise you will soon be standing in a big puddle. Then you have to carefully manoeuvre your way around your yard, watching that the cable doesn’t get snagged on anything, which invariably it will, before winding it back up again. You also tend to use much more water than you really need to with a garden hose, which drives up your water bill. Irrigation systems, however, ensure this task is done automatically and carefully control the amount of water that is discharged. They also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your yard is going to be watered at regular intervals.

Allow You to Multi-Task

We all lead busy lives and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Irrigation systems, however, allow you to get more done in a day as while they water your yard, you can get on with other types of yard work.

Protects the Structure of Your Soil and the Nutrients it Contains

When using a standard garden hose to do the watering it’s possible that too much water could make its way down into the soil and take many of the available nutrients with it in the surface runoff. This is a process known as leaching and is very harmful for your plants since it leaves them with fewer nutrients to “feed” on. Also, the force at which water comes out of the hosepipe is often strong enough to compact the soil surrounding your plants, which is a common cause of root disease and can suffocate them. Irrigation systems ensure these problems don’t occur as water is distributed in smaller amounts and it is not highly concentrated in a single area.

Reduce the Amount of Weeds that Grow in Your Yard

When water is spread relatively evenly over the surface area of your yard, weed seedlings are provided with everything they need to germinate. That’s what tends to happen when watering with a garden hose, but irrigation systems are much more targeted in their distribution of water, and in some cases are capable of directing water straight to the rootball of each plant. This also helps you to avoid an outbreak of leaf diseases in your outdoor area, since many of these diseases are caused by water simply sitting on the leaves.

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