Landscaping Features that Look Great in Winter

landscaping in MississaugaThe weather is getting colder, and you probably aren’t spending as much time in your front or back yard these days. While barbeque season is well and truly over, that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the outdoors. In this post, we’ll tell you which landscaping features you should use for your outdoor space in the winter time.

Landscaping Mississauga Tips to Make Your Garden Look Great in Winter

When you’re landscaping, it’s easy to just think about the summer time. After all, that’s when you’ll be spending the most time outdoors. However, with the right design, your garden can be enjoyable all year round. Here are some features to include.

  • Evergreens – When the winter comes in and plants start to die, it can leave your garden looking bare. Quite frankly, it can be depressing to look at. That’s why evergreens are key. They’ll make sure you have colour there throughout the year. Despite the name, you’re not just limited to green. There are evergreen shrubs in all shades, including yellow viburnum, Japanese mock-orange and of course, lavender.
  • Bird Feeders Landscaping Mississauga should involve consideration of local wildlife, which includes swifts, cuckoos, owls and hummingbirds. Birds like these will bring life to your garden even when it’s gloomy. Place feeders and bird baths around the area, as well as some local shrubs to attract them. They’ll flock to a water source, as they’re scarcer in the wild during this season. You might even get some other critters coming to visit, too.
  • Containers – Ornamental containers are great for winter because they require no maintenance and aren’t affected by the cold. Ceramic plant pots, wooden boxes, and urns all look great. If decorated the right way, even a wheelbarrow can work. Placing some of these will fill up empty space and make it look both more interesting and more welcoming.
  • Lighting – As we get further into winter and the days get shorter, lighting becomes more important in landscaping Mississauga. When it’s getting darker earlier and earlier, well-placed lighting will make your outdoor space much more attractive, not to mention safer. This is an easy way to add texture, and you can use different lenses to create a range of colours to suit your preference. Energy-efficient LED lighting will keep your home well-lit during the evening and won’t break the bank. It will last a long time, too.
  • Hardscape – It’s not all about plants. Benches, sculptures, paving stones and decking are a great way to fill space. You could even fit an outdoor fireplace to make it even more functional. That way, you and your family can sit outside on cold nights roasting marshmallows and keeping warm

Call the Professionals

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