Landscaping Hacks – How to Look After Your Plants During the Colder Weather

Landscaping in GeorgetownDuring the winter, you probably don’t want to spend as much time in your garden. However, your plants may require some special attention. If you neglect them too much, they might not return again in the springtime. It doesn’t have to be difficult, though. With our landscaping hacks, caring for plants can be easy. If you’re not sure what to do for your plants in the winter, read on to find out.

Landscaping in Georgetown – What to do in the Winter

  • Prune – Pruning is essential for plant care. As the temperature drops, your plants will, too. Parts of them will begin to die away and if you leave them to rot, they could harbor diseases that will put an end to entire plant populations. Cut away extra foliage as needed.
  • Add New Mulch – A fresh layer of mulch will provide extra protection in the winter. This will make sure your plants get the nutrition they need throughout the colder months, retaining moisture and nutrients in the soil. Ideally, you should lay down a new layer each season.
  • Water Less – You might think that when your plants need a little more TLC, giving them more water is the right answer. However, overwatering should be avoided. Plants will grow more slowly during this time, so they won’t require as much water as they usually do. Instead, try misting them by spraying water instead. If you’re not sure if you should water them, check the dampness of the soil first.
  • Use Insulation – Some plants in containers may require extra insulation, especially if those containers aren’t made from frost-resistant materials. Fluctuating temperatures could cause them to go through cycles of freezing and thawing that could eventually kill them. Instead of thin-walled pots and hanging baskets, Landscaping Georgetown professionals recommend using containers that are made from durable, non-porous materials.
  • Bring Some Plants Indoors – This won’t apply to all of your plants, of course, but smaller potted plants that are sensitive to the cold can be brought inside for a better chance of survival. If there’s enough space and sunlight, you might be able to keep them as houseplants. If not, you could just keep them in storage as dormant. However, it all comes down to the particular type of plant. If you don’t have enough space, just take cuttings instead. That way, you can start a new plant, which will be ready to thrive when the spring comes. It may even turn out better than the original plant, since it won’t have to adapt to the change in temperature.

Professional Services for Winter Landscaping in Georgetown

If you need a little extra help with your winter grounds maintenance, give us a call. Whether you need snow removed from your driveway with a snowplow, salt and grit laid on your pavement, or just some general garden maintenance, our staff are happy to come to your residential or commercial property. We can even remove snow any time of day or night. For 24-hour maintenance and landscaping in Georgetown, call us on (905) 846-7664.