Landscaping in Milton for Residential and Commercial Properties

landscaping Milton The layout of the grounds in which a building stands can have a big influence on its curb appeal: professionally landscaped gardens can transform an ordinary-looking home into an attractive property that draws admiring glances from passers-by whereas a messy garden may have the opposite effect. If you would like to ensure that your garden and backyard are not letting your home down, call Pyramid Contracting today to arrange a free consultation. We can survey your land, listen to your thoughts on what you would like to do with it and put together a proposal that includes a detailed landscape design with all of the features you desire. Whether you want a swimming pool, decking, and a stone patio, or you would just like to have your yard levelled and some strategically placed shade trees planted, we can take care of all the details.

Commercial Landscaping in Milton

Although aesthetics and curb appeal are common goals for both homeowners and commercial organizations, a commercial landscaping project can be very different to a residential job in other ways. Fortunately, we have a great deal of experience with both types of landscaping so if you are looking for a company to beautify the exterior of your corporate headquarters, you have come to the right place.

  • A Design That Reflects and Enhances the Company Profile – While homeowners tend to focus purely on what will improve the visual appeal of their properties, along with features their family will use on a regular basis, companies are often more concerned with how well the design of their grounds will complement and enhance their corporate image. When we undertake jobs involving commercial landscaping in Milton, we always take the time to find out what the client is thinking with regard to their public profile as well as the functional features they would like to include in the new design.
  • Budgetary Constraints – Residential clients are, of course, concerned with cost when contemplating a major landscape design project but if there is something they would really like to include in the new design that costs a little more than they had anticipated, they are often willing to be flexible in order to get what they want. Commercial organizations, on the other hand, normally have a rigid budget for their landscaping in Milton: a budget from which their corporate bean counters will not allow them to deviate. This approach brings its own set of challenges with it but at Pyramid Contracting we are used to working with companies and always do our best to deliver the desired features without going over budget.

Mixing the Two Approaches

If you are a homeowner who has a set amount of money to work with or a company that would rather focus on form and functionality than on corporate image, we can deliver a landscaping service tailored to meet your needs. Our landscaping Milton team is known for its flexible approach and ability to customize its services to meet the needs of individual clients.