Landscaping Tips for your home in Mississauga, Brampton or Oakville

One of the great misconceptions about having a beautiful and functional yard or other outdoor area is it needs to be expensive. A patio needs to be built using the latest wood composite or natural stone, an irrigation system has to be multi-zone and connected to the Internet for online access, and only fertilizer using rare, organic compounds are best for your lawn. If budget is not a concern, then by all means, spend as much as you would like, but if you want to beautify your property and save money, the experts at Pyramid Contracting have a few landscaping tips you may find useful.

One of the best landscaping tips any home or business owner should follow is this: Create a budget or, at the very least, track every penny you spend. Landscaping expenses, just like for any other home improvement job, can add up quickly. Write down everything you spend, and review it daily. The bottom line may be enough for you to say, “Okay, the yard looks great. I’m happy now!”

Great landscaping tips are everywhere, so here is another. An appealing do-it-yourself landscaping project is within your reach if you plan the improvements before starting the project. Inexpensive landscape design software is available for computers and smartphones, but you can get just as much inspiration by driving around your own neighborhood and jotting down notes about things you see that you find most attractive about someone’s yard. If you cannot afford design software, then grab a piece of paper, a pencil, and begin sketching out a design you find most appealing. Add trees, shrubs, walkways, or any other feature you may want to include.

The best landscaping tips often apply to existing elements within your own yard. If your property is small, design and plan accordingly. If you have large, natural rocks on your property, incorporate them into a rock garden. For a large shade tree that does not get much use, put a bench seat or Adirondack chair beneath it and create a place to relax and read or just enjoy the scenery. In fact, a smaller yard is less expensive in the long run as there often is less grass to maintain, minimizing the need for an in-ground sprinkler when a portable oscillating model will do the trick.

Landscaping tips that help customers save money on building materials is one of our favorites. In late winter or early spring, keep your eyes open for specials on top soil, mulch, grass seed, and fertilizer. Comb through classified ads for people nearby who may be selling off extra materials, like patio blocks or landscape stones. If you live near a lake or river, search the shoreline for colourful stones to accent your flower bed or walkway.

Beautifying your yard does not have to be as expensive as many home improvement magazines and cable television shows would lead you to believe. For more tips or a quote on our range of services, call us today at 877-343-7333.