Planting Trees to Help Save the Planet

planting treesDid you know that each year, approximately 15 billion trees are cut down globally, often to make space for agriculture, urban development, and other uses? Today it is estimated that only half of the number of trees that were on earth before the rise of human civilization remain and that the lack of trees is contributing towards our planet’s growing climate concerns. 

Recently, a report released by the United Nations revealed that if we have even the smallest chance at combating our current climate crisis, fewer trees need to be cut down. It also determined that by planting more trees, especially in urban areas, we can help in a small way to offset major deforestation destruction. 

Deforestation across the planet is a significant source of greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. Cutting down trees as well as what we farm and eat are the major culprits of our climate problem. If there are no changes in land management, such as improving soil’s carbon capture through native plants and crops as well as growing new forests, human-caused greenhouse gas emissions will rapidly continue to increase. 

How Trees Help 

During its lifespan, a typical tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide. For many North Americans, that is still just a fraction of what our annual carbon footprint is at around 5%. So while a single tree may only store just a small amount of carbon dioxide from your daily actions, strategically planting trees throughout communities can cause a ripple effect and in turn help with energy savings. 

The energy savings from planting the right trees in the right places around your home can even help you save up to 40%, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. To maximize your savings, the best spots to plant shade trees are the western and southern windows of your home to block sunlight as well as planting around air-conditioning units. Plus, having trees around your home has even been reported to increase the overall value of your home by up to 15%. 

Planting with Pyramid 

If helping your local environment and doing good for the planet is appealing to you, consider planting some trees and enjoy the benefits they provide like producing oxygen, removing contaminants from the air and helping with energy savings. To get started, contact us today. Pyramid Contracting can plant trees, shrubs, and plants to lighten your carbon footprint and contribute to ours and next generations in fighting to global warming.