Summer Landscaping Errors You Must Avoid

Landscaping in GuelphSummertime is the best time of the year. The sun is out, the flowers have bloomed and you’ve finally got a chance to enjoy that yard you’ve been preparing all year. However, the work doesn’t stop now – summer is a crucial time for landscaping in Guelph, so don’t relax too much. Here are some errors you might want to avoid making when it comes to landscaping.

Landscaping in Guelph – What NOT to do

  • Don’t Mismanage Your Lawn

It’s more than likely that during the summer you’ll be using your lawn a lot. Whether it’s to play with kids on, to picnic on or to entertain guests, your lawn will see a lot of action, and it’s important that you’re caring for it the right way. However, that doesn’t mean drowning it in water. It’s tempting to unleash a deluge of water at night to make up for hours of the burning sun – but it doesn’t work like that. Instead, look to water it more frequently but with a lesser volume of water. This way, you won’t drown your lawn, and it can thrive instead.

Similarly, don’t cut it bald. Much like with watering your lawn, when it comes to cutting you should be cutting less length but doing it more often. Yes, it might be more work, but we promise it will be worth it when you’ve got a vibrant, healthy lawn as a result of your landscaping in Guelph.

  • Don’t Aim Too High with Your DIY

Put a spanner in our hands, and we like to think there’s not much that we can’t do. With a pleasant outdoor temperature, summer’s a great time to do it, too. In reality though, millions of people end up biting off more than they can chew, leaving half-finished projects for experts to come in and finish off, or flatten it completely and start again. We like to encourage people to give things a go, but some things are best off left to the professionals, saving you time and maybe even money. There are plenty of contractors for landscaping in Guelph who’d be more than happy to talk with you about what you want to do.

  • Don’t Plant the Wrong Things

Whether it’s fruits, vegetables, plants or flowers, many of the things that you might want to grow in summer are actually seasonal. This means that if you try to plant something in summer that’s actually a winter plant, it’ll either grow poorly or not at all. Take care when it comes to planting, as you won’t want to waste time or money. Also, don’t be tempted to plant the colder weather plants early as summer’s winding down – more than likely, it will still be too warm and dry for them.

Enjoy it!

We feel that when it comes to gardens, using them is only half the fun, whereas preparing them is the other half. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and make mistakes – sometimes, that’s the best way to learn – but if you want to save time and money, follow the advice above.