Top Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

raised bed gardening If you’re a traditional gardener, you might want to look into raised beds.  Adding some variety to your garden can come with several advantages.  To learn about some of the top benefits of raised bed gardening, check out this list.

Less Stooping

Traditional gardening usually requires a lot of bending and kneeling.  This can become quite tiresome.  It may even be impossible for those with mobility issues.  By employing raised beds you’ll be able to tend to your plants at a height that’s more suitable to your body.  If you have plants that require a lot of care and maintenance, consider planting them in a raised bed.  Your back and knees will thank you.

Secure Pathways

Once traditional gardens are in full bloom, it can become very difficult to walk between the rows without damaging the plants.  By using raised beds, your pathways will be kept clear throughout the growing season.  Raised beds will contain the growth and keep your plot well defined and linear throughout your landscaping.  Secure your pathways even at harvest time with raised beds.


If you need to move plants around throughout the season, raised beds can give you portability.  Places that get a lot of sun in the spring may end up heavily shaded once the taller trees fill in with leaves.  Having portable raised beds allows you to move your plants to better locations as the conditions dictate.  

Contain Invasive Plants

Certain plants such as bamboo, mint or Spanish bluebells can be extremely fast growing and quickly take over wide swaths of your garden.  By using raised beds you can still enjoy these plants without having to worry that they’ll invade every nook and cranny.  A raised bed can act as containment insurance when growing invasive plants.

Pest Protection

Using raised beds can protect your plants from pests and protect your landscaping.  Snails, slugs and other ground crawlers can quickly lay waste to young plants.  By planting them in raised beds you create an extra barrier that these pests must breach before causing damage.  Slow down the spread of pests by employing raised beds for your most vulnerable plantings.