Top Landscaping Tips To Hide Pool Equipment

pool equipmentSwimming pools have always played a large role in beautifying a property.  Having the sun shine off a body of clear blue water will brighten up anybody’s backyard – as well as attitude.  Infinity pools have since come along to maximize the view your property overlooks. But when it comes to the machinery that allows your pool to operate, beauty isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  And although you can enclose this equipment in a shed or pool house, yet another backyard structure just takes away from any sense of natural charm. But there is another option. And that’s using a greener approach.  For some examples, here are some top landscaping tips to hide pool equipment.

Ornamental Grass

There are several types of ornamental grasses that grow tall enough and thick enough to provide both a visual and aural screen for your water pump and filtration system.  Combined with a small fence to separate the foliage from the machinery, ornamental grasses can provide a calming visual barrier while also cutting down on the amount of noise that reaches the rest of the property.  Maiden grasses, zebra grasses and switch grasses are all examples of species that grow tall, thick and quickly enough to provide a decent screen for your pool gear.

Shrubs And Bushes

Shrubs and bushes can create a low maintenance barrier that looks great while reducing visual and auditory pollution.  And although they might take too long to grow from scratch, installing full grown specimens will afford you an instant partition.  Evergreen species will ensure your pool equipment remains out of sight all year round while adding to the natural verdancy of your backyard.

Earthen Berms

Surrounding your pool equipment with an earthen embankment or creating or using a natural depression in the ground will not only hide the machinery from sight, but it will dampen the sound generated by the motors.  Constructing or using existing hills and valleys on your property can be a great way to create more pleasant lines that are as functional as they are visually appealing. Consider bringing in a load of dirt or sculpting the natural contours of your property to create an enclosure for your pool gear.