Top Low Maintenance Landscape Plants

Although many people find gardening a relaxing and meditative work, you also want to have some time to spend simply enjoying the fruits of your labour.  You don’t want to have to spend the entire season tending to your plants.  For this reason low maintenance plants are a great ally for giving you some spare time.  In this article we’ll go over some top low maintenance landscape plants that will almost take care of themselves.


Peonies are perennials that exhibit large, brightly coloured flowers without requiring much work.  You can plant either in the spring or the fall in well-draining soil and let them do their magic.  They can withstand full sun, but also do well in morning sun and shadier afternoons.  When they die off come fall, simply remove the existing plant material and compost it for later use.  A bit of fertilizer and a yearly top dressing of compost is all that you really need.


Tulips are another flowering perennial that once planted can give you years of enjoyment.  Plant tulip bulbs in the fall before the ground freezes.  You can use different varieties with different flowering cycles to enjoy their blooms throughout the spring.  You’ll only need to water them if you get unusually dry conditions.  Tulips do not like to be overwatered.  Once the petals have fallen off the flowers, remove the stems, but leave the leaves.  Add some compost to prepare them for the following year.


Barberry is a thorny, deciduous shrub that can withstand drought.  You can get some fantastic colours out of the leaves as the weather changes.  When planted in sunny or partially sunny conditions you’ll get compact and dense growth and great colouring.  You’ll only need to fertilize in the spring and surround with mulch in the fall.

Ornamental Fescue

Fescue is a nice looking, flowering grass that works well at preventing erosion.  It’s a perennial that thrives in full sun and only needs watering in extreme heat.  You probably won’t need to fertilize, although mulching in the fall is recommended.  This clump growing grass is both hardy and attractive.