Top Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

plantsEveryone loves a beautiful garden, but not everyone has the time to create and maintain one.  But there is a solution for people who already have too much on the go with jobs, families and extracurricular activities.  The answer is low maintenance gardening. By utilizing some of the top low maintenance landscaping plants it can be easy to have a great looking garden and not have to spend hours keeping it maintained.  This article will give some tips on how you can have a beautiful garden that doesn’t require a whole lot of extra work.

Gardening Chores

The main chores when it comes to gardening are planting, watering, weeding and pruning.  By being strategic in what type of plants you’re using, you can minimize the amount of time necessary to complete these chores.


When it comes to minimizing the amount of planting that needs to be done, it makes sense to stay away from annuals and stick with long lasting perennials.  You’ll only need to plant a perennial once and you’ll get years of enjoyment out of it.  

Watering And Weeding

To cut back on your watering and weeding duties it’s a good idea to cover your garden beds in a thick layer of mulch.  The mulch will prevent water from evaporating too quickly while preventing weeds from getting a start. You might also want to invest in a timed irrigation system that will ensure your plants are always watered even if you’re not around to do it yourself.


To reduce the amount of pruning you need to do, choose plants that keep their flowers and leaves for long periods of time.  Evergreen shrubs will look good all year round and won’t require a lot of maintenance. Ornamental grasses will last throughout the summer and always look great.

Low Maintenance Plants

As well as the aforementioned ornamental grasses and evergreen shrubs, there are a host of other low maintenance plants that will look great but not require a lot of work.  Check out perennials such as peonies, agastache or coreopsis for beautiful long lasting flowers. Choose some shade loving shrubs for low lit areas. You might even try herbs, such as rosemary, which is quite hardy, doesn’t need much attention and can be used for cooking as well!