Top Money Saving Landscaping Tips

When some people think of landscaping they might be thinking of large scale operations that involve heavy machinery, tonnes of soil and thousands of dollars worth of plants and other materials.  But the fact is that landscaping doesn’t need to cost a whole lot of money to be effective. There are some simple tricks of the trade that offer big results for little money. In this article we’ll go over some top money saving landscaping tips.


Decluttering isn’t necessarily limited to hoarders, obsessive collectors, attics and garages.  Decluttering your backyard can be a great way to improve its appearance without costing you any money whatsoever.  Take a walk around your yard and gather up any unnecessary equipment, dead foliage and worn out looking decorative pieces.  This quick and simple process can give your yard a whole new look without a whole lot of effort or the expenditure of a whole lot of hard earned dollars.  

Add Fencing

Although most fences are used to delineate your property from the surrounding areas, you can also use fencing within your yard as an attractive method of sectioning.  You obviously won’t want to be installing a five foot fence down the centre of your lawn, but adding small border fences to the garden, around flower beds and along any pathways is a cheap and easy way to create a sense of order while drawing the eye to the most attractive areas of your lawn.  

Add Lighting

Adding some simple lighting to your backyard will create a sense of ambience once the sun goes down.  You don’t necessarily need to put on your electrician’s work belt to install these elements either. There are plenty of inexpensive solar powered lanterns on the market that spend their days charging in the sunlight and their nights illuminating the surroundings.  

Create Pathways

Pathways are a good way to draw the eye to the more attractive parts of your yard.  They can also be very practical by giving you to access your flower beds and vegetables and allowing you to weed and tend to the soil without worrying about stepping on delicate plants.  The materials you choose to use to create the pathways will add to the aesthetics as well.