Top New Year’s Resolutions for Your Landscaping

The end of the year is nigh and that means people are finishing off their holiday shopping lists,  creating their Top 10 Of The Year lists and coming up with ideas for their New Year’s resolutions. And while most of these lists concentrate on the human aspects of the end of year, since we’re continually wrapped up in landscaping issues, we’ve come up with our own list: The top New Year’s resolutions for your landscaping.  Read this list over and figure out which of these tips might work for you.

Create A To Do List

The new year is a perfect time to create a landscaping to do list for the upcoming year.  You probably don’t have a lot growing right now and it’ll be too cold to get out there and work. So you might as well use your free time to come up with a list of the projects you’d really like to get done this year.  Once you have that list it’ll be a lot easier to create a schedule to ensure that everything is done at the appropriate time.

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Yard

Yards take a lot of work and a lot of time.  So much so, that many people never make the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.  And sure, for many people, working on their yards is a form of enjoyment.  But give yourself a break this year and make sure you put down your tools for awhile and simply reflect upon all the work you’ve done.  You deserve it!

Try Composting

Everyone creates food waste.  Most everyone creates yard waste as well.  Rather than considering this material as waste, repurpose it into something useful by starting a compost pile.  You’ll need to learn a few basics beforehand, but once you start turning your waste into useful garden supplements it’ll become as automatic as throwing out the trash.

Conserve Water

Adequate fresh water is purported to become one of the biggest issues humankind will face in the coming years.  Doing your part to conserve this precious resource is where this crusade must begin. There are many ways to go about doing this, so you’ll have to consider your priorities.  You might think about swapping your lawn for something with lower water needs. Or it could be as simple as placing a rain barrel under your downspouts and using it on your plants.  Even smallest of efforts will make a difference.