Top Tips for Choosing Pavers

Pavers are an affordable and versatile alternative to concrete and other materials.  Whether you’re building a pathway, patio, driveway or almost any other flat surface, pavers are both functional and good looking.  But there’s a wide variety from which you can choose.  To help you settle on the right choice, we’ve put together a list of top tips for choosing pavers.


Match Them To The Surrounding Structures

Because pavers come in all sorts of colours and textures, it’s easy to match them with the surrounding structures.  Looking at the elements of your home or garage are great places to start.  Matching the pavers in colour and texture to your roofing, siding or other unique features provides a sense of continuity that brings the various parts together as a whole.  Try to match to more permanent features of the surrounding structures since a paint job or replacement can suddenly render your match job irrelevant.


Match Them To The Natural Surroundings

If nature plays a large role in your environment, you can’t go wrong by matching your pavers to the surrounding natural hues and textures.  This may mean light colours such as tan or beige in an arid environment, darker greens in an area surrounded by forest or stony colours and textures in a mountainous region.  Taking cues from your natural surroundings can make choosing a paver a much simpler process.


Match Them To Municipal Character

Maybe a sports team has a huge influence on the local character.  Employing team colours in your paver choice can increase local pride and a sense of belonging.  Other municipalities might be more known for a particular style of building – say a Western or Art Deco theme.  Paver colours and styles can be used to augment that character both on the ground and on the walls of your property.  


Allow Them To Accentuate A Focal Point

If you have a swimming pool, fire pit or some other focal point that can benefit from being highlighted, pavers can be used to draw the eye to it and accentuate its features.  Again, colour and texture are powerful qualities that tie the pavers into their surrounding environment.  Rather than taking influence from the overall surroundings, pavers can be used to accentuate a single point of convergence.