Top Winter Landscaping Tips

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your yard has to look boring and lifeless.  In fact, winter can be a season of great creativity when it comes to landscaping. To make the most of the colder months, we’ve come up with a list of top winter landscaping tips.

Consider Your Hardscaping

In a season when most of your plants have been trimmed down and cleared away, you’ll be able to get a good overview of what your space has to offer.  Sometimes some of the best landscaping ideas have nothing to do with plants at all. Hardscaping installations such as a trellis, a bench or a winter time sculpture might be all that your space needs to look great in the snow.

Take Advantage Of Evergreens

Although their name suggests they’ll give off colour all year round, evergreens aren’t necessarily green.  There are evergreens that are yellow, blue, red and a wide assortment of other colours as well. Take advantage of evergreens (even if they aren’t green) to give a sharp contrast to the white blankets of winter.

Rely On Berry Producing Plants

Plants and trees that produce berries during the winter can really make your space look attractive – even in the depths of winter.  Not only will the berries add some much appreciated colour, they can attract birds and other wildlife into your area. Look into holly, mountain ash and crabapple for some added colour during the winter.

Winterize Your Plant Containers

Plant containers such as window boxes, large pots and hanging baskets are a great way to display annuals throughout the summer.  But rather than let them go fallow once the snow flies, use them to display hardier plants during the winter. That said, you don’t even need living plants to maintain the image.  Simply adding some spruce bows, wreaths or branch arrangements can be quite effective in the winter.

Invest In Cold Weather Perennials

Adding some perennials that will continue growing throughout the winter will give your space the life it needs during the colder months.  There are many plants that will continue to produce foliage throughout the winter. Make sure to include some among your plant collection for year round charm.