What are Paver Base Panels?

When it comes to laying down a sidewalk, patio or other flat surface, creating a stable base is a prerequisite.  This not only prevents the surface from shifting and subsiding, it also allows for even weight distribution that inhibits cracks and fractures.  But part of the problems of creating a stable base is the effort, materials and equipment required.  A 10 foot by 10 foot patio can involve the removal of over two tonnes of soil and replacement with the same amount of gravel.  Paver base panels are a modern invention that allows you to get around this type of labour intensive situation.  So, what are paver base panels?  Below we’ll go over the basics and how they’re used.


What Are Paver Base Panels?


 Paver base panels are polypropylene mats that replace the need for the six inch layer of gravel normally required for a paving stone patio or sidewalk base.  They are so thin and lightweight that 30 pounds of paver base panels can be substituted for over two tonnes of gravel when manufacturing a base.  Paver base panels are typically assembled with click and connect, tongue and groove style locks.  They act to distribute weight evenly and prevent paver blocks from shifting, settling and cracking.  Paver base panels are manufactured with grooves and holes to allow for drainage while also providing insulation to protect the paver stones from ground freezes and thaws.

What Are The Benefits Of Paver Base Panels?

Paver base panels reduce the amount of labour, materials and equipment required to create a base for a paver stone patio or sidewalk.  They make the job quicker and cheaper while reducing the chances of damage to the landscaping typically caused by large machinery and heavy loads.  Paver base panels also protect the screeded sand base that can often be displaced while laying down the paver stones.  If you’re working in an enclosed space or an area that’s inaccessible to heavy duty equipment, paver base panels can provide a much less complicated way of establishing a stable base on which to build a patio or other similar surface.