What to Consider for Buying Artificial Turf

artificial grassThere are many different reasons for wanting to install artificial turf on your property.  Maybe your yard doesn’t actually get any sunlight. Maybe your locale doesn’t get enough moisture to easily grow a good looking lawn.  Or maybe you just like the idea of never having to run a lawnmower again. Whatever your reason for choosing artificial grass, you’ll need to educate yourself on a few of its lesser known characteristics.  Check out this article if you want to learn what to consider for buying artificial turf.


It’s true you’ll never have to mow your artificial lawn, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually zero maintenance.  There are still some things you should do to keep it looking good. Although you’ll need to keep any lawn clean, you don’t have to do it on a daily basis.  With artificial turf, every week or two is fine – even less if you get a lot of rain. Just hose it down to get rid of any excess dirt You’ll also want to brush your turf every so often so that it doesn’t get beaten down and flattened out.  And although you won’t be fighting dandelions like you would with natural grass, you should keep an eye out for any weed growth to stop it before it gets out of hand.


You may not have known it but artificial grasses come in a wide array of colours.  There are many different shades of green to choose from, but you can also make it look even more natural by mixing several different shades together.  This prevents your lawn from appearing too perfect and actually looking artificial. You can even include a bit of brown to closely mimic real grass. 

Pile Height

Artificial grasses come in many different heights.  The height that’s best for your needs depends on how you’ll be using it.  If you plan on having lawn furniture you might want to go for a shorter pile to prevent it from compressing the turf too much and leaving marks.  However, the taller the pile height, the more lush the lawn will look.