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How To Remove Dandelions

How to Remove Dandelions from Your Lawn

For some, including most children, dandelions are beautiful yellow flowers that brighten up any patch of grass.  For others, they’re the scourge of the lawn that grows and spreads way too easily.  If you’re in the latter group, you’re probably wanting to learn how to remove dandelions from your lawn.  To provide you with some […]
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Dangers of Landscaping With Railroad Ties

Danger of Landscaping With Railway Ties

It’s quite common to see old railroad ties used for landscaping purposes.  This is especially true with raised garden beds and areas that need bordering.  And a landscaper might think, “Why not?”  Railroad ties are cheap, incredibly durable and reusing them should be good for the environment.  But the fact is that old railroad ties […]
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Tips To Lower Landscape Costs

Top Tips for Lowering Your Landscaping Costs

Landscaping has the potential to be an expensive proposition.  While everyone loves a beautiful backyard, transforming a patch of dirt into an Instagram worthy refuge can cost a lot of money.  But a job well done can result in a real payoff, not only aesthetically, but financially as well.  It’s estimated that a well landscaped […]
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