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Perennial Pruning

Four Tips for Pruning Perennials

Typically, those new to gardening aren’t very confident about pruning their plants.  There’s a fear of killing them altogether.  However, pruning certain plants, such as perennials, can actually help them grow stronger and produce more flowers.  To provide a bit more confidence to those who aren’t too sure about cutting back plants, we’ve put together […]
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Best Low Light Plants

What Are the Best Low Light Plants?

Not all of us are blessed with sundrenched gardens and yards. Unfortunately, many of us have areas on our property that get very little sunlight that allows us to grow bountiful crops, lush green foliage and colourful flowers. However, all is not lost for those who have more shady areas in which to grow plants. […]
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Fall Landscape Checklist

Fall Landscaping Checklist

Just because the main growing season is coming to an end doesn’t mean that you can retreat from your landscaping duties.  Putting in some effort as the days get shorter and colder will not only create a more pleasant environment come winter, but it will also set you up for success next spring.  Check out […]
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How To Remove Dandelions

How to Remove Dandelions from Your Lawn

For some, including most children, dandelions are beautiful yellow flowers that brighten up any patch of grass.  For others, they’re the scourge of the lawn that grows and spreads way too easily.  If you’re in the latter group, you’re probably wanting to learn how to remove dandelions from your lawn.  To provide you with some […]
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Dangers of Landscaping With Railroad Ties

Danger of Landscaping With Railway Ties

It’s quite common to see old railroad ties used for landscaping purposes.  This is especially true with raised garden beds and areas that need bordering.  And a landscaper might think, “Why not?”  Railroad ties are cheap, incredibly durable and reusing them should be good for the environment.  But the fact is that old railroad ties […]
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Four Flowering Ground Cover Choices

Four Flowering Ground Cover Choices

Ground covering plants are useful for those who have to deal with the effects of erosion or have slopes and hillsides in their backyard.  They can also be used as substitutes for the grasses that make up water thirsty green lawns.  An added bonus with some types of ground coverings is that they can produce […]
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