How to Remove Dandelions from Your Lawn

How To Remove Dandelions

For some, including most children, dandelions are beautiful yellow flowers that brighten up any patch of grass.  For others, they’re the scourge of the lawn that grows and spreads way too easily.  If you’re in the latter group, you’re probably wanting to learn how to remove dandelions from your lawn.  To provide you with some different methods, we’ve put together this article.

Removal By Pulling

The most environmentally friendly way to get rid of dandelions is to pull them out.  That being said, simply ripping off the yellow flower heads and leaves will not stop the dandelions from coming back.  You need to extricate the entire root.  Any piece of leftover root will simply grow back.  To ensure you remove everything, water your lawn and let it rest for about 30 minutes before weeding.  This will loosen the ground and make the job easier.  Using a trowel, spade, or garden fork, dig into the soil around the root to loosen it.  Grab the dandelion by the leaves and gently pull to ensure the entire root comes out without breaking.

Removal By Herbicide

Herbicides aren’t as popular as they once were for obvious environmental reasons.  However, many people still use them because of their effectiveness and ease-of-use.  If this is the method you choose, make sure the weather is sunny and dry. Spray the dandelions ensuring the leaves receive a good dose.  Wait for a few days for the leaves to turn brown before watering the area again.

Dandelion Removal Timing

The timing of your attempt to remove dandelions can be just as important as how you do it.  Because dandelions are perennials, their roots live underground through the winter – even after the aboveground parts have died off.  As winter approaches, nutrients are shifted from the leaves to the roots.  If you’re using a herbicide, this is the ideal time to apply it as it will be transferred to the root along with the nutrients.  

If you’re digging out the dandelions, performing this task in the spring before the dandelion has a chance to flower and propagate is the best approach.  If you’re culinarily adventurous and you don’t apply herbicides or pesticides to your lawn, these fresh spring greens can be used in a variety of dishes.

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