Four Landscaping Tips to Hide Pool Equipment

4 Landscape Tips to Hide Pool Equipment

There’s no doubt that a swimming pool can make a stunning visual impact in a backyard. However, the pool equipment needed to keep it running properly can be an eyesore in comparison. Fortunately, there are ways you can minimize the intrusion caused by all that gear. In this article we provide four landscaping tips to hide pool equipment.

Towering Grasses

When you think of grass you typically think of green lawns composed of inch long blades of grass.  However, grasses aren’t necessarily short.  Tall grasses are available that can provide the coverage necessary to hide unsightly, bulky pool equipment.  Not only can these types of grasses provide visual cover, they can also reduce some of the noise created by the water pump and heater.  Look for switch grasses, zebra grasses, and maiden grasses as a few examples of towering grasses that can be used to hide pool equipment.

Shrubs And Bushes

If you want something a little more sturdy than some towering ornamental grasses, shrubs or bushes might work better for you.  You might be able to grow them taller than many species of grass.  It’s also easy to find shrubs and bushes that are much more dense than most ornamental grasses.  Just make sure that you’re not investing in plants that will deposit large quantities of pollen or leaves into your pool.

Hills And Valleys

If you’re up for some more intensive landscaping, you can create a hill and valley scenario where the pool equipment is hidden behind berms made of earth.  This will give you the necessary depth to hide your pool equipment while also providing a sound barrier.  This will also add texture and shape to your property which can add to the overall aesthetic.  

Hardscape Enclosures

Creating a building or other type of hardscape enclosure for the pool equipment will ensure that it’s completely out of sight.  It might also double as a changing room if you make it large enough.  Depending on the type of enclosure you choose, you can add some of the other ideas in this article around the enclosure to give it a more natural look. 


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