Why Use Pavers For Your Outdoor Space

Pavers in Landscaping

If you’re installing a new patio, driveway or sidewalk, you might want to consider using pavers.  There are many advantages to using pavers compared with other materials traditionally used for these types of jobs.  Why use pavers for your outdoor space?  Here we give you six reasons.


Pavers are stronger than most other surface coverings such as concrete or asphalt.  Pavers are made in molds that allow the ingredients to be packed much tighter than poured concrete or asphalt.  This allows pavers to withstand the weight of several cars without any chance of cracking.  And because pavers have spaces between them they can expand and contract along with the weather without cracking.


If a paver does crack or gets stained, you don’t need to replace the entire surface.  It’s simple to pull it out and flip it over or replace it.  Try that with a concrete or asphalt driveway!  

Design Capability

Pavers come in a wide range of colours, textures, sizes and styles.  You can make a veritable piece of art with a bit of creative thinking.  Check around online for some of the designs that people have come up with using pavers.  You’ll never consider concrete again!


Water runoff has become a big problem, especially in urban environments.  With so much of the land being paved over with concrete and asphalt, water no longer has the ability to seep into the ground.  This leads to flooding and contaminated water.  Pavers can help absorb water runoff when you leave spaces between them when laying them down.  Permeable pavers have also been developed to help absorb runoff even more.

Ease Of Maintenance

Once installed you don’t really have to worry about pavers.  You can give them a sweeping or spray them down with a pressure washer, but there are no expensive treatments necessary to maintain them or keep them looking good.

Non-Slip Surfaces

If you want to use pavers in an area that gets a lot of moisture such as around a pool or a hot tub, non-slip pavers can provide a safe, stable surface for walking.  They’ll be able to withstand the moisture while looking good and providing grip.


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