What Is A Paver Patio?

What Is A Patio Paver

A patio can transform a backyard into an outdoor living space.  Suddenly, a patch of grass or dirt has a dedicated space for people, furniture and other backyard accoutrements.  And while there are many different types of materials that can be used to make a patio, paver patios have become more popular.  What is a paver patio?  In this post, we’ll define the paver patio and give some reasons as to why they’ve become so popular.

What Is A Paver Patio?

A paver patio is made of individual paver blocks that are typically held in place using polymeric sand.  Polymeric sand is a man made substance that forms a hardened gel when activated with water.  The paver patio is characterized by the combination of the interlocking paver stones and the polymeric sand.

Paver Patios Are Durable

Because of the individual stones in a paver patio, the surface can distribute the weight of any heavy objects placed on top of it.  This makes a patio made of pavers stronger than a concrete or asphalt pad.  Also, paver patios won’t crack if they shift slightly due to temperature fluctuations or ground movements.  The same can’t be said for solid patio slabs.

Paver Patios Can Be Easily Repaired

If any damage does occur to the paver patio stones, it’s easy enough to remove and replace the affected pieces.  If you end up with cracks or damaged spots on a solid patio pad, most of the surface needs to be replaced to fix the problem.  This is another reason that paver patios have become so popular.

Paver Patios Can Help Mitigate Flooding

Solid patio surfaces are generally impermeable and cause water to pool or runoff to lower ground.  This can contribute to excessive moisture accumulation and/or flooding.  Paver patios, on the other hand, allow water to seep through the cracks and back into the earth.  From an environmental standpoint, paver patios are more favourable.

Paver Patios Offer Endless Design Options

Paver stones come in all sorts of shapes and colours which allows them to be laid out in an endless array of designs.  Some paver patios are veritable works of art.  You can customize the styles and layout of your paver stones to create almost any design you can imagine.  If you’ve got an artistic intellect, a paver patio is a great way to show it off.


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