Summer Landscaping Trends: What’s Hot in 2024


As the summer of 2024 approaches, homeowners and landscaping enthusiasts in Toronto are eagerly embracing the latest trends in outdoor design. For example, some landowners reduce the expensive use of their lawn sprinkler by growing native plants. From sustainable practices to innovative materials, these trends shape how we create and enjoy our outdoor living spaces.

Native and Drought-Tolerant Plants

With increasing concerns about water conservation and environmental sustainability, many homeowners opt for native and drought-tolerant plant species in their landscaping. These plants are well-adapted to the local climate and require minimal lawn sprinkler usage, making them eco-friendly and low-maintenance choices.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living rooms have become a popular trend, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. These dedicated outdoor areas feature comfortable seating, weather-resistant furniture, and amenities like fireplaces or televisions, seamlessly extending indoor living spaces.

Naturalistic Water Features

Many homeowners today are skipping traditional geometric pools and fountains in favor of more naturalistic water features that replicate the organic shapes and soothing sounds of streams, ponds, or waterfalls. These elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces but also contribute to a tranquil and serene ambiance. 

The effortless blending of these naturalistic water features with the surrounding landscape creates a harmonious and relaxing environment for homeowners and their guests to enjoy. Whether it’s the gentle trickle of a stream or the soft babbling of a pond, these features bring a sense of peace and harmony to any outdoor setting.

Sustainable Hardscaping

Hardscaping elements play a crucial role in shaping outdoor spaces, and there is a growing trend towards using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in their construction. From pathways and retaining walls to outdoor structures, such as pergolas and seating areas, the use of environmentally conscious materials is on the rise.

One popular choice for eco-friendly hardscaping is permeable pavers. These pavers allow rainwater to seep into the ground, reducing stormwater runoff and helping to replenish groundwater. Additionally, using recycled concrete in hardscaping projects can significantly reduce the demand for raw materials and lessen the environmental impact of construction.

Incorporating reclaimed wood into outdoor structures adds a unique and rustic character to outdoor spaces. Reclaimed wood not only imparts a sense of history and charm, but it also helps to minimize waste and preserve natural resources by giving new life to old materials.

By opting for these eco-friendly materials, outdoor spaces can not only enhance their aesthetic appeal but also contribute to environmental sustainability, making them more enjoyable for both present and future generations.

Edible Landscaping

Incorporating edible plants and herbs into landscaping designs has become a popular trend, allowing homeowners to enjoy fresh, homegrown produce right in their own backyards. Raised garden beds, fruit trees, and vertical gardens are just a few ways to incorporate edible elements into your outdoor space.

By embracing these summer landscaping trends, homeowners in Toronto can create beautiful, functional, and environmentally conscious outdoor spaces that reflect their personal styles and enhance their enjoyment of the warmer months.


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