How to Prepare for Fall Landscaping

How to Prepare for Fall Landscaping

Even though you might not have taken your summer holidays yet, it’s time to start thinking about landscaping in the fall.  You’re probably currently enjoying full blooms, ripening fruit and fully formed vegetables, but thinking ahead to autumn tasks now can ensure that next year is even better.  If you need some tips on how to prepare for fall landscaping, we’ve got the article for you.

Plant New Trees And Shrubs

If you’ve been wanting to plant new trees and shrubs, the fall is the best time to do it.  The ground is still warm which will encourage root growth, while the ambient temperature has cooled enough so that your new plantings don’t end up frazzled with summer heat.  They can establish themselves throughout the fall and over the winter and be ready to prosper once the warm weather arrives again.

Protect Existing Trees And Shrubs

Winter can be a harsh season for trees and shrubs.  Giving them some protection will ensure they make it through the cold weather and prosper again come spring.  Delicate shrubs and newly planted trees should have their stalks wrapped in burlap.  A layer of mulch around the bases will protect them from the cold, prevent moisture loss, inhibit weed growth and add nutrients to the soil.

Trim Existing Trees And Shrubs

You should go around your yard and inspect your trees and shrubs for dead or overgrown branches.  Trim these back to protect them from excessive damage once the harsher weather arrives.  Cutting things back now ensures that you won’t have to venture out in the middle of winter and remove a branch that’s threatening other structures on your property.

Show Your Lawn Some Care

You’ve been mowing your lawn all summer.  Fall is the time to show it some care and prepare it for winter.  If you have some brown patches, now is the time to throw down some new seed.  It will have a better chance of taking root when things are cooling off.  Now is also the time to aerate and fertilize the grass.  If leaves are starting to fall, you should be raking them up.  And watch the weather to make sure you can give your lawn a final mowing before the snow falls.


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