How to Maintain Pavers

Maintaining Pavers

Pavers are a popular material used to create patios, walkways, driveways and more.  While they’re prized for being good looking as well as extremely durable and long lasting, maintaining them will ensure they look better and last even longer.  To help educate you on how to maintain pavers, we’ve put together this list.

Install Using Polymeric Sand

Most pavers are kept in place by embedding them in sand.  However, certain types of sand are preferred by weeds and insects which can eventually cause your pavers to shift and crack.  Polymeric sand seems to deter weed growth and ant infestations which can greatly reduce the amount of maintenance you’ll need to perform

Sweep Regularly

The more you keep your pavers clean, the less likely you’ll need to resort to heavy duty methods of cleaning.  By sweeping your pavers regularly you’ll remove dirt and plant materials that can lead to staining or the breakdown of the pavers.  As with most cleaning, doing a little bit every day will prevent a much larger job in the future.

Seal The Pavers

Coating your pavers with a sealant will prevent water, ice and other elements from breaking down the integrity of your pavers.  This is especially important if the pavers are exposed and not sheltered in any way.  Sealing your pavers will also help keep their colour and prevent them from fading over time.  The sooner you can seal your pavers after installation, the better.

Power Washing

Over time your pavers will naturally become dirty and faded.  Using a power washer is a good way to bring them back to life without the worry of harming them.  It’s much more preferable to use the water of a power washer to clean pavers than using a sandblaster or acidic cleaners.  

Replace Broken, Cracked Or Stained Pavers

One of the many advantages of using pavers is that if you get some cracks or broken pieces you won’t have to replace the entire surface.  Pavers are designed so that you can remove single pieces and replace them with new ones.  When first installing your pavers it’s always a good idea to have some extras for future repairs and replacements.


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