How to Select Plants for In Between Your Pavers

Plants To Grow Between Pavers

What pessimists might consider a downside of using pavers could be thought of as an opportunity by optimists.  One thing pavers are known for is the gap between sections.  And while these gaps can be as small or large as the installer wants them to be, the fact is that there will always be a gap.  Pessimists see this gap as a place for weeds and other unwanted plants to grow.  Optimists see the gaps as places for growth.  If you consider yourself a paver optimist, we’ve put together a guide on how to select plants for in between your pavers.


If you’re going to grow plants in between your pavers, you’ll want to select plants that will be hardy enough to withstand the conditions.  Most pavers will be set into heavily compacted soil which will affect the types of plants that will be able to thrive.  You should also consider that many types of pavers are meant to be walked upon, so plants that can withstand some rough treatment will be necessary.  Plants placed in between pavers may also receive more water than those in a garden bed as any water runoff will ultimately end up in between the gaps of the pavers.  Dwarf mondo grass is a hardy plant that works well within the confines of paver gaps.


You want your plants to be able to spread among the gaps in between your pavers and fill them in without becoming too large to hinder your ability to walk.  Once established, mosses are great for filling in the gaps between your pavers.  And they won’t grow to heights that might trip you up when you walk over them.

Sun And Shade Considerations

You should also take into account whether your pavers are out in full sun, partial sun or complete shade.  Planting species that will thrive in the amount of sunshine they’ll receive will, of course, play a role in their success.  Elfin thyme is a plant that thrives in either sunny or shady conditions.  Sunshine will cause it to grow close to the ground while shade produces small mounds.  Both types of growth are ideal for in between your pavers.


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