Six Ideas for Using Pavers in Your Backyard

Backyard Paver Ideas

Pavers are a popular choice for all sorts of backyards projects because of their wide variety of colours and sizes, ease of installation and repair, low maintenance, durability and versatility.  If you’re wondering how you can make use of these multi-faceted building materials, we’ve put together a list of six ideas for using pavers in your backyard

The Backyard Patio

The backyard patio is a classic example of putting pavers to good use.  You’ll end up with a strong, sturdy surface on which to place your patio furniture while having the ability to make it look much better than a simple concrete or asphalt pad.  And if any part of the patio ends up damaged, repairs are a simple proposition.  


Pavers make great walkways for the same reasons they make great patio materials.  They’re durable, easily installed, easily repaired and provide you with an endless variety of design options.  Whether you’re looking for something curvy, straight and narrow or a colourful design, pavers give you the ability to easily create what you’re envisioning.


Pavers can also be used to create a stairway to join different levels in your backyard.  They can be used on their own or combined with other materials such as gravel or wood to make a unique and durable flight of stairs.

Pool Surrounds

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool or hot tub in your backyard, pavers make an excellent pool surround.  By installing pavers with a rough, non-slip surface you can create a surround that gives you both safe passage and an attractive place to relax.  

Fire Pit Surrounds

Pavers can also be used to create a fire-resistant space around an outdoor fire pit.  With an appropriate choice of colours and materials, you’ll be able to easily keep the area clean and safe from any sparks.

Transition Zones

Using different styles of pavers next to each other can create a transition zone to delineate one area of the yard from another.  This can be done from your backdoor out towards the patio, from the patio towards the garden or between whatever other spaces you have in your backyard.  Something as simple as a change between colour or texture can make a dramatic and eye-catching difference.


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