When Is The Best Time to Install New Pavers?

When To Install Pavers

Pavers have become one of the most popular materials for creating surfaces such as sidewalks, patios, driveways and more.  Their ease of installation and repair, incredible durability and wide range of shapes, colors and sizes have made them one of the most versatile building materials available to landscapers today.  But when is the best time to install new pavers?  Are there factors that make a certain season better for installing pavers?  In this article, we’ll go over reasons why we feel that spring is the best time for new paver installation.

Ready To Use

If you install new pavers in the spring, there’s no lag time until they’re ready to be used.  A patio that’s freshly installed in early spring means you’ll have the rest of the year to enjoy it.  The longer you wait on installation, the less it’ll get used before the snow starts flying again.  If you want to maximize your immediate use of a patio, a spring installation will provide you with the maximum benefit.

Ground Stability

Waiting too late into the year to install pavers could mean you come up against frozen ground or experience frost heaves.  While installing pavers in the colder months isn’t an impossibility, you’re much less likely to be worried about shifting or unevenness when working with stable, defrosted ground.  Spring typically provides the ideal level of ground stability to ensure your surfaces remain level.

Working Temperatures

If you’ve hired someone to install your pavers for you, you might not worry about the working temperatures too much.  However, if you’re doing it yourself, working outdoors in the middle of a blazing hot summer or in the depths of a harsh winter won’t make for the most ideal conditions.  Installing pavers in the spring will allow you to take your time while working comfortably and methodically.

Industry Seasonality

If you can schedule the installation of your pavers in the early spring, you’ll avoid the industry’s high seasons where it’ll be much more difficult to find available contractors.  While most people begin thinking about things like landscaping and paver installation in the spring, it’s usually not until summer that things really get going.  By scheduling the installation of new pavers in the spring you’ll ensure the job is done when you want it done, rather than having to wait on the backlog of jobs to be completed.


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