Top Spring Landscaping Ideas

Spring Landscaping Ideas

Spring is the time to start anew.  A fresh season allows a fresh start.  After a long winter, preparing your property for the following spring, summer and fall will ensure you get the maximum enjoyment out of the warmer months.  To help make that a reality, we’ve put together a list of our top spring landscaping ideas.

Freshen It Up

After the snow has receded, your property may look a little bland and worse for wear.  Take some time to freshen the area up by getting rid of any dead plant material and accumulated debris, mowing the lawn, repairing any damage that’s occurred over the winter and touching up the hardscaping with some repairs or fresh paint.  A day or two of simply tidying up can make a huge difference to the look of things.

Redefine Your Edgings

Although not always instantly noticeable, edgings can make a big difference.  Not only does edging keep soil and rocks in place, but it also provides structure to the overall area.  If you haven’t already edged your garden beds, hardscaping areas and lawn perimeter, now is the time to do it.  You can dig small trenches, set up miniature fencing, use stones, bricks or even live plants to create attractive edging.  It’ll give the entire area an orderly look that might not have been evident without it.

Test Your Soil

Finding out the pH of your soil as well as micronutrient levels such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus can give you a better idea of what plants should grow where.  It can also allow you to understand the best way to apply fertilizers and soil supplements.  Soil test kits are easily found online or at your local gardening centre.

Create A Focal Point

If your landscaping doesn’t already have a focal point, it’s time to add one.  If there is already a focal point, consider adding another.  Focal points in landscaping draw in the eye and help create a sense of flow.  A focal point could be a tree, a set of lawn furniture, a water feature or simply a decorative piece of hardscaping.  Once you have a focal point, the rest of your landscaping duties will fall into place more easily.


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