How to Make a Mowing Strip with Pavers

Paver Mowing Strip

Lawn edging is popular for both aesthetic and functional purposes.  Functionally, lawn edging creates a border between the lawn and flower or garden beds which prevents grass from getting into the bedding soil and dirt and mulch from leaking onto the lawn.  Aesthetically, lawn edging creates a strong line which adds visual interest by highlighting the areas on either side of it.  A mowing strip works very well with lawn edging by making it easier to mow the grass without disturbing the soil and plants in the garden beds.  In this post, we’ll learn how to make a mowing strip with pavers.

Why A Mowing Strip?

Have you ever run over a rock or hard clump of dirt with your lawn mower?  Not only does it make a heck of a racket, but it can also be incredibly dangerous.  Or maybe you miscalculated while mowing next to your garden bed and inadvertently took out a tomato plant or one of your favourite flowers.  This is why you need a mowing strip!  You’ll be able to run your lawn mower halfway on top of the mowing strip and completely trim the grass without having to come back and trim the edges with a weed whacker.

What Is A Mowing Strip Made Of Pavers?

A mowing strip is a border next to the lawn edging that is composed of pavers sunk into the ground so they’re level or near level with the lawn.  This allows the lawn mower to ride over top of the mowing strip without catching the lawn mower blade.  The lawn edges are completely trimmed by the lawn mower while there’s enough extra space to ensure you don’t accidentally run the lawn mower into the garden bed.

How To Make A Mowing Strip With Pavers

To make a mowing strip with pavers you need to set them in a trench that allows the pavers to sit above the grass by about a half inch or less.  This will allow for the inevitable settling and subsidence into the ground.  Lay your pavers out along the desired mowing strip patch and use a spade to cut through the grass on both sides of the pavers.  Once the grass and soil is removed to the proper depth, add about a half inch of sand for the pavers to sit on.  Set the pavers into the trench creating a continuous edge for the mower to ride on.


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