Four September Landscaping Tips

September Landscaping Tips

After a busy spring and a fruitful summer, you might think your landscaping duties are over. However, if you can muster up the energy to take care of a few things in the fall, you can help ensure the following growing season is even better than the last. To help make next year even better than this one, here’s a list of four September landscaping tips.

Do A General Clean-up

September is a good time to do a general clean-up of your yard. This will ensure your tools and other equipment don’t end up weathering the winter outdoors and the rest of the property has a fresh start once spring arrives again. Inspect your landscape by walking around and seeing what can be done to clean up the area. Remove dead or dying annuals, trim back your perennials, remove any damaged tree branches and get all your gardening tools back into their storage spaces. Empty your water barrels, repair any broken equipment and empty any water features that need to be protected over the winter. A little bit of work now will protect your investments and give you a big head start once the weather warms up again.

Plan Your Spring Blooms

By planting spring bulbs now you’ll ensure your yard has plenty of life and colour come spring. When choosing bulbs, make sure you make note of when they’ll bloom. With a little bit of planning and proper placement of the bulbs, you can lengthen the spring bloom and make sure you have swaths of colour throughout the season.

Tend To The Lawn

While you may still have to mow the lawn a couple more times before the winter arrives, September is a good time to do some maintenance to ensure a lush, green patch the following year. Fall is generally the best time to dethatch, aerate and fertilize the lawn. If you have bald patches you should also consider throwing down some seed in September. This will give it time to root before the snow falls.

Plant New Shrubs And Trees

Fall is the best time to get new shrubs and trees into the ground. Planting them into the warm, moist soil will allow the roots to establish themselves before the weather turns cold. Just make sure to think long term before planting. Not giving trees and shrubs enough room for their full growth potential can lead to problems in the future.


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