Is the Fall a Good time to Install a Paver Patio

Fall Patio Pavers

It seems to be a massive act of groupthink, but for many reasons, most people start to renovate and upgrade their backyards in the spring and summer.  But this may not actually be the best time to be installing paver patios and other backyard additions.  Is the fall a good time to install a paver patio?  To help you understand why autumn may be an even better time to install a paver patio, we’ve put together a list of things to consider.

Spring And Summer Are Peak Seasons

As alluded to in the introduction, it seems that everyone wants to redo their backyards in the spring and summer.  This means that landscapers and contractors are extremely busy.  This puts their time at a premium.  And of course, their rates will reflect this limited availability.  If you want the work done on your schedule rather than your landscaper’s schedule, try having your paver patio installed in the fall.

Your Paver Patio Will Be Ready In Spring

If you have a paver patio installed in the fall, it’ll be ready and waiting for you once the warmer weather arrives again.  Conversely, if you have it installed in spring or summer, you’ll be watching the warm weather pass before your eyes before you actually get a chance to get any use out of your new patio.   It’s also important to realize that the rest of your yard will likely have access issues as the patio is put together.  To get the maximum warm weather use out of your backyard and your new paver patio, have it installed BEFORE spring arrives!

Your Landscape Will Thank You!

Moving and installing paver patio stones around your yard will cause more damage to your landscape in the prime growing seasons of spring and summer than they would if you were doing the work in the fall.  You’ve got to consider that most of your greenery will be dormant in the fall, whereas in the spring it’ll be especially sensitive to any kind of disturbance.  Do your landscape a favour and schedule your work for when plant growth is more sluggish.


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