Four Tips to Protect Pavers in Winter

Protect Pavers in Winter

Pavers are a durable and versatile material that can be used for pathways, patios, driveways and much more.  And while they’re strong and weather-resistant, paying them a bit of attention during the winter months will ensure they last even longer.  In this post, we offer four tips to protect pavers in the winter.

Prepare Pavers For The Winter

Your winter paver protection plan should begin in the fall.  Make sure to clean the pavers well and remove any leaves before the snow falls.  Dirt and leaves trapped under the snow could cause staining that will be very difficult to remove in the spring.  Avoid having to do this by keeping your pavers clean before winter arrives.  You should also make sure your pavers are well-sealed.  This should be done every three to five years.  You might also want to consider supplementing the joint sand if it’s getting low.  Refilling the cracks will help keep the pavers in place and reduce the chances of cracking during any temperature fluctuations.

Avoid Using De-Icing Salt

While de-icing salt can quickly get rid of ice and packed snow if it’s not too cold outside, it’s extremely corrosive and will quickly work to destabilize your pavers.  If you regularly use de-icing salt, you will significantly reduce the lifespan of your pavers.  Using sand to combat icy, slippery conditions is better for the pavers and the environment..

Use A Plastic Snow Shovel

Metal snow shovels can easily damage pavers.  Because pavers create a bit of an irregular surface, snow shovels can often get caught on the corners or areas that are slightly uneven.  A metal snow shovel can end up chipping and cracking these edges.  The solution is to use a plastic snow shovel.  Not only will it protect your pavers, but it will also be much lighter to lift.

Start With Quality Pavers

If you want your pavers to last, investing in quality pavers will help you no matter the season.  Pavers created with high-quality concrete will last much longer than those that are cheaply made.  In a testament to the motto, “You get what you pay for,” cheaping-out on your paver investment will ensure you’ll have to replace them sooner rather than later.


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