Five Landscaping Tips for Creating Privacy

landscaping privacy

Not everyone has the luxury of a huge backyard without a neighbour in sight.  Many of us live in urbanized areas with local residents facing our yards from all sides.  It gets even worse if you have a corner plot with a busy street and sidewalk.  So what can you do to give yourself some privacy in the comfort of your own backyard?  To help you out, we’ve put together a list of five landscaping tips for creating privacy.

Plant Evergreens

If you’re looking for year-round privacy with a natural look, evergreens can provide what you need for landscaping.  Evergreen trees or hedges of the right size can create a privacy screen wherever your property is overlooked by neighbours or passersby.  It’s easy to use potted or planted shrubs or large plants to fill in any spaces that might naturally occur.

Install A Pergola With Curtains

If blocking the entire view of your property is too big an undertaking or you only need some privacy in a small area, consider installing a pergola with drawable curtains.  Not only will it provide some shelter from the elements, but you can also open and close the curtains as you deem necessary.  

Erect A Privacy Fence

They say fences make for good neighbours.  A privacy fence will ensure you don’t have to feel exposed when going about your business on your property.  Privacy fences are typically taller than a regular fence and used to shield off sections of your property that are exposed.  To reduce the possibility of the fence becoming an overbearing presence, consider decorating it with hanging plants, lights or climbing vines.

Create A Slatted Roof

Those in dense urban environments may find they’re not just overlooked by next-door neighbours, but also by buildings that tower far above their personal space.  It’s possible to regain your overhead privacy by creating a slatted roof.  The roof can be left bare or used as a trellis for foliage that provides an extra layer of privacy.

Build A Green Wall

A green wall, also known as a living wall, is designed to allow plants to grow in and over it.  This allows you to erect a privacy wall that feels more natural than a slab of concrete or wood.  On a green wall, the soil is typically held in trays that are attached to the wall vertically and are augmented by an irrigation system designed to reduce runoff.



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