Top Tips for Designing a Paver Patio

Designing a patio paver

It’s difficult to deny the utility of a patio.  It gives you a place to sit and relax while providing a stable surface for your chairs, tables and other furniture.  You don’t have to worry about sinking into the mud, getting dirt or grass stains on your shoes or feet and they’re conducive to wearing high heels – if that’s your thing.  If you’re looking to install a patio yourself, one of the easiest DIY methods is to use pavers.  With a little patience and a keen eye, you could create a patio that could last for years to come.  For some top tips for designing a paver patio, read on.

Work With Your Property’s Colour Scheme

Before you even lay a single paver, you need to do some planning.  Take a look around your property and get a good feel for the colour scheme you already have going on.  A pro tip is to look at the colour of the roof of your house and/or its trim and try getting pavers to match.   You can also take inspiration from your landscaping.  Do you have a specific colour palette of tulips or daffodils that bloom every year?  Pavers with a corresponding colour (either matching or contrasting) can really make things pop.

Let Your Artistic Side Run Wild

A beautiful thing about pavers is that they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and textures.  This means you could create a patio that’s a veritable artwork if you so desired.  Think of some of the world’s most iconic mosaics.  They’re basically created using different shaped, sized, coloured and textured stones.  If you wanted, you could accomplish the same when installing your patio.

Incorporate Your Patio’s Function Into Your Design

How do you foresee yourself spending time on your patio?  Are you a sunbather?  Do you prefer the cool shade?  Will you be barbecuing and/or entertaining?  The answers to these questions will give you some idea as to how you assemble your patio.  If you prefer the shade, you probably don’t want to install highly reflective pavers.  If you plan on grilling all the time, you’ll likely want to install pavers that don’t easily show grease marks.  Thinking about how your patio will be used will give you some clues as to the layout and types of pavers you’ll want to install.


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