DIY Outdoor Holiday Landscaping Decorations

DIY Holiday Landscape Decorations

While it can be very easy to buy outdoor holiday decorations, most of those outdoor light projectors and inflatable Santas don’t come cheaply.  And they also look a bit cheesy when everyone in the neighbourhood has them as well.  Save yourself some money and set yourself apart, by investing in some DIY outdoor holiday landscaping decorations such as the ones we list here.

Wrap Up Your Outdoor Planters

You can quickly add Christmas cheer to your porch and doorway by wrapping up your outdoor planters in festive paper.  Similarly, you can use your planters as stands for a stack of fake Christmas gifts made by wrapping cardboard boxes in seasonal wrapping paper.  Secure them in place by adding a rock or some other heavy object inside.

Oversized Christmas Tree Baubles

While hand-sized baubles look great on your indoor Christmas tree, they’d be quickly dwarfed on any of your outdoor evergreens.  You can easily make some oversized Christmas baubles by gluing silver-painted yogurt containers to large plastic balls from the local discount store.  For an extra flourish, consider painting the ball itself to give it the holiday feel.

DIY Christmas Trees

If you don’t have any trees on your front lawn, you can make some DIY trees out of cone-shaped plant trellises that are usually used for bean or tomato plants.  Simply wrap them up in outdoor fairy lights and you’ll have a stand of makeshift Christmas trees.  They’ll also be easily removed after the holidays.

Christmas Garden Gnomes

Tomato cages or bean trellises can also be used to make Christmas garden gnomes with the addition of a few integral pieces.  Dress up the trellis with boughs of evergreens to give the gnome its body.  Plop a Santa hat on top and add a Christmas tree bauble to create the nose and you’ll instantly have a holiday garden gnome in your yard.

Holiday Bird Feeders

Help out your feathered friends while bringing some life to your yard by hanging some homemade bird feeders on your outdoor trees.  Embedding suet-based bird feed into Christmas cookie cutters is a festive way to present food to birds who overwinter in the north.


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