Tips for Planning Your 2022 Vegetable Garden

Plan Your 2022 Vegetable Garden

In the midst of winter, it’s very easy to allow your mind to wander towards the planting of a new vegetable garden in the coming spring.  In this article, we’re going to encourage that thought process and provide you with some tips for planning your 2022 vegetable garden.

Choose Your Vegetables

Now is the time to figure out what you’re going to plant.  Not only will this give you an idea of your timeline, but it should also allow you to figure where everything should be planted.  Certain crops, such as tomatoes and peppers, will need as much sun as possible, whereas others, such as radishes or Swiss chard, can still flourish in shadier areas.  Choosing what you want to plant well in advance will give you an overview and allow you to create a plan.

Plan Your Workspace

Prosperous vegetable gardens typically rely on a central command centre for potting, storing materials and taking care of water needs.  You don’t need warm weather and sunlight to create the ideal workspace for your 2022 vegetable garden.  A table or workbench that can hold all your gardening tools complemented with some rainwater butts will give you a workspace that can set you up for a bumper crop come fall.

Test Your Soil

Knowing what kind of amendments your soil needs right now will allow you to prepare the ground for the introduction of seeds and plug plants come spring.  There are all sorts of soil testing kits available at your local gardening centre or online.  If you know beforehand that your soil is acidic or deficient in potassium, you can correct that and have much more success with your vegetables when the growing season arrives.

Create A Sowing Calendar

Ideally, you won’t be planting all your seeds at the same time.  Not only can this be exhausting, but you might be overwhelmed with produce when it all ripens in the fall.  Spreading out your planting times makes the job more manageable while giving you a chance to consume or preserve your bounty before the next crop arrives.  Check your seed packages for ideal times of sowing and planting to help create a master calendar.  This will ensure you don’t miss ideal growing windows while also maximizing your harvesting season.


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