Why Consider a Sprinkler System for Your Landscaping?

For the average homeowner, installing a permanent sprinkler system may sound like an unnecessary extravagance.  But if you take the longer viewpoint, an underground watering system can benefit you and your property in several ways.  Why consider a sprinkler system for your landscaping?  Let’s find out.

Conserve Water

In this day and age of drought and environmental awareness, the biggest benefit of installing a permanent sprinkler system is conserving water.  Your sprinkler system will be customized to your landscape and therefore use only as much water as necessary.  No longer will you be watering the sidewalk or the neighbour’s driveway!  Not only will you be able to precisely target your watering spots, but you’ll also be able to set the system to run at optimal times.  This will greatly cut down on water waste and evaporation.  

Save Labour

One of the reasons landscape watering is so inefficient is because it requires manual and mental labour.  You not only need to remember to situate and turn on your sprinkler, but you also have to remember to turn it off.  And if you have a large property, you may be dragging sprinklers all over the place all day long!  A sprinkler system will ensure your entire property receives the water it needs without you having to lift a finger or worry about turning it off.

Preserve Property Value

As it appears that temperatures only seem to be rising with time, it’s often easy to be out of tune with the local weather patterns.  This can lead to finding your lawn and garden dried out without even realizing it.  And then suddenly your once beautifully green landscape looks like the Sahara Desert.  If you’re trying to sell your house, or even if you’re not, you want things to look the best they can.  However, one watering misstep can leave your property looking terrible for the rest of the season.  Keeping your lawns and gardens lush preserves your property value.  Don’t leave that up to chance!

Enjoy Worry-Free Holidays

Pity the poor person who nurtured tomato plants from seed in early spring only to come home after summer holidays to find them all dead.  You can’t always depend on your friends or your neighbour’s kid to take care of your garden as you would.  With a home sprinkler system, you can set it, forget it and enjoy a worry-free vacation.


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